About Bboa

BBOA is an exciting new luxury scarves & accessories brand created with an important purpose.

Our aim is to bring back to life the legendary quality of scarves used by queens, princesses, duchesses and geishas over the past two centuries: among them Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria and Geisha Teruha. During that time nameless high quality wool, silk and cotton scarves adorned the necks and faces of the world's most famous ladies. 

Today BBOA recaptures that same exceptional quality with a contemporary and urban twist perfect for powerful and style conscious women around the world.

The quality of our scarves and our regular seasonal collections help set global fashion trends, and make BBOA scarves not just an accessory but an important finishing touch that elevates each outfit to something special. Simply put, BBOA releases the inner queen in you.

Women will have their favourite BBOA Scarves for business meetings, elegant dinners and everyday busy life. One is never enough!

Brand History

While BBOA may be a new name to the fashion industry, we already have a rich history dating back to India in 1989. The brand grew out of the work of two exceptional and experienced designers from JCS, a quality textiles company.

Since then the business has been manufacturing and exporting textiles in several forms to reputed companies in North & South America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and The Middle East.

The BBOA brand evolved from a great passion to preserve the elegant and sophisticated fashion detail from European castles and the golden age of the geishas.

In late 2015 we created and applied for registration the BBOA trademark, with the single minded mission of rediscovering and renewing an extraordinary tradition and delivering a product quality rarely seen on the market today. 

BBOA is a signature creative product of a company that is enjoying continued growth. It currently has around 100 employees and a vast network of partners and consultants.